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Leslie Hewlett is a piano performance graduate from Memorial University’s School of Music. She has worked as a teacher, performer, and composer for over a decade. A St. John’s native, in 2012 she made the move to Gander, accepting the position of music director with Beyond The Overpass Theatre Company (www.beyondtheoverpass.ca). In addition to her ongoing work in the theatre, Leslie has developed a music curriculum for Beyond that includes training programs in voice, piano, theory and composition. She is also the artistic director of Alta Voce Chamber Choir, Beyond Youth Choir, and serves as music director and organist for St. Martin’s Cathedral. Choral music has been an integral part of her musical upbringing and she has had the privilege of collaborating with Cantus Vocum Chamber Choir, MUN Chamber Choir, Newman Sound Men’s Choir, and the Canadian Chamber Choir.

Paddy McGinty’s Goat

arr. Leslie Hewlett

SATB  a cappella  –   CP 1427   – 2:35   
This is a FUNNY song. What a great way to warm up the audience!  This goat ruins a couple’s wedding night. Quick and witty – a folksong from the Maritimes!