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Kim Baryluk (b. 1959) is a founder and enduring member of one of Canada’s most significant folk groups – the Wyrd Sisters, founded in 1990. Three of the Wyrd Sister’s recordings have been nominated for Juno Awards (Canada’s national music awards) Herizon Magazine dubbed the Wyrd Sisters’ 1997 release Raw Voice, “a collection of 11 lyrically intelligent and musically diverse songs that can best be described as folk-pop-jazz fusion with a feminist bent”.  visit –

Solstice Carole

by Kim Baryluk    
SAA a cappella  –   CP 1659   – 2:30

This evocative song is set for the lower tessitura of a woman’s voice. The dark tones and modal harmonies suit the subject matter so well. Those who love Kim’s “Warrior” will really appreciate this song. A “carole” is an old round dance with singing. Line dancing around a bonfire is an celebratory activity some people like to practice on the darkest night of the year (winter solstice).  


by Kim Baryluk
SAA a cappella – CP 1205 – duration 2:35
SAA with chant – a cappella – CP 1865 – duration 4:05

This is a well known and moving anthem for women. Listen to the recording – by the Wyrd Sisters. We have shifted the score to a slightly higher key. This music is stunning with its simple powerful message.
watch a live performance by the Wyrd Sisters on Youtube