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My choir used the imagery and sensation of flying in a dream above our beautiful earth and also the feeling of reaching the top of a roller coaster climb – before the big drop. This sensory teaching helped to achieve feelings of freedom and anticipation. We discussed the lyrics and how they apply to their own life situations; the fear of flying alone, the will to try, and the desire to achieve. KP


Carry me away up beyond the clouds
where the birds and dreamers go
but I’m a dreamer too so
Take me far away up beyond the stars.
Hold me tight and don’t let go.
You and I will go, so carry me away.

Take me high above the stars,
high above the sky-scrapers and busy streets
and fields of blue corn.

Carry me away to a distant place
where the constellations play and I am not afraid so
Come and take my hand on the count of three.
One, two, three and soar!

Carry me away
over mountains and canyons 
and every hill and dale.
My heart will sail over rainbows.
Though skies may be grey, I’ll fly anyway!




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