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Kathryn Parrotta (b. 1981) has extensive experience in Calgary’s choral community. From the age of 8 her songs were being performed and recorded by choirs around the city.  She has studied piano, flute, theory, composition, and voice with mentors including Alan Riser, Tim Janz, Dawn Johsnon, Pat Hrynkiw, Marnie Strome, Elaine Qulichini, Janet Youngdahl, and Malcolm Edwards.  Kathryn holds a Bachelor of Music degree in Voice Performance and a Master of Music degree in Music Education, specializing in Choral Conducting.She is a director with the Youth Singers of Calgary, a large show choir and concert choir organization. She is also currently the director of the University of Calgary Chorus at a the School of Creative and Performing Arts in Calgary, Alberta.  In addition to her private music studio, she is a frequent adjudicator and clinician for several schools and music festivals in and around Alberta. Several of Kathryn’s choral pieces are published with Cypress Choral Music and Alliance Music Publications. 


A Little Brighter

by Kathryn Parrotta

SATB with piano – CP 1421   – duration 5:15
Kathryn poses several timeless questions and then answers, “Because He chooses His stars to share all their light.  Isn’t the sky a little brighter tonight?” Written for Kathryn’s fine youth choir, this song works in any season of the year.

Carry Me Away

by Kathryn Parrotta

SA and piano – CP 1331   – duration 3:55
This a a beautiful song for treble voices – about flying!

My choir used the imagery and sensation of flying in a dream above our beautiful earth and also the feeling of reaching the top of a roller coaster climb – before the big drop. This sensory teaching helped to achieve feelings of freedom and anticipation.  We discussed the lyrics and how they apply to their own life situations; the fear of flying alone, the will to try, and the desire to achieve.   KP

Do Better

by Kathryn Parrotta

SAA a cappella – CP 2150   – duration 2:10
SAB a cappella – CP 2171
In 2020 the globe had a uniting experience. Including the Pandemic, there were many social movements that arose during the couple of years that followed. There was so much “noise” on social media that I needed to respond to it. One phrase that I kept hearing was “Do Better”. It was that simple. The phrase challenges us to simply be better humans, to listen to the people around us, and act on behalf of the collective good.

This piece was written for my choir of young teens who are invested in these social movements, have many things to say, and want to be heard. We had many wonderful discussions about the context, interpretation, and the issues they wanted to address. The singers were immediately energized by the message, body percussion, and simplicity of the speech-like melody. We added a cajon to emphasize the rhythmic intensity. I encourage directors to discuss the issues that matter most to their singers and add percussion and creative staging where desired.

Go Tell It!

by Kathryn Parrotta

SAB and piano – CP 1745   – duration 3:15
Kathryn’s arrangement is a fun way to sing a classic spiritual; high energy, up tempo, syncopated and easy! This will be a guaranteed success for the choir and a pleasure for the audience.
Go tell it on the mountain
Over the hills and everywhere
Go tell it on the mountain
That a little baby is born

In the Bleak Midwinter

arr. Kathryn Parrotta

SSAATB a cappella – CP 1144   – duration 2:55  
Kathryn Parrotta brings a warm, slightly “pop” feel to this traditional carol by Rosetti/Holst. The choral background provides a smooth (cool, but not cold) background for the soloist – soprano, alto, tenor, or baritone. Good for high school jazz choir. 

There is No Rose

by Kathryn Parrotta

SSAA a cappella – CP 1864   – duration 4:25  
There is no rose of such virtue
As is the rose that bare Jesu
For in this rose contained was
Heaven and earth in little space: