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Is this the oldest love song ever written? Inspired by the Song of Solomon this romantic song is very do-able by community choirs and your more experienced choir will love it. There are nice echoes of the Sephardic tradition in the piano part that evoke the time and place of the lyrics..


Comfort me with apples, fragrant oil and wine
Strengthen me with raisins and pomegranates fine
Soothe me with your scent and the sound of cooing doves
Comfort me with apples and love

Comfort me with apples, frankincense and myrrh
Strengthen me with saffron and aromatic herbs
Soothe me with your words and the wonders from above
Comfort me with apples and love

For lo, the winter’s past and the rain is gone
The time of the birds is at hand
The vines are sweet, the flowers bloom, 
the bride awaits the bridegroom
and the voice of the turtle is heard in the land

She is my beloved, beautiful and fair
gathering fruits and mandrakes by the fountain there
You are my beloved, the one that I dream of
Comfort me with apples and love
Comfort me with apples and love




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