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Carol Ann Weaver is a celebrated Canadian composer whose music has been heard throughout North America and in parts of Europe, Africa, Korea and Paraguay. Her genre-bending music ranges in style from classical to jazz, avant garde to folk, creating new fusions of roots and art music, much of it colored by her long standing passion for African music. Exploring various edges, she has composed for turntablist, worked with soundscapes, drum circles, acoustic and electric instruments, and created dramatic and theme-oriented productions and festivals. Her Sound in the Land Festival/Conferences at University of Waterloo have brought together composers, performers, scholars, ecologists, ecomuicologist, ethnomusicologists and listeners from all over North America, Europe, South Korea and Africa. Carol is now Music Professor Emerita at Conrad Grebel University. She has chaired the Association of Canadian Women Composers.

Generous Land

by Carol Ann Weaver

SATB a cappella with piano    $2.35    CP 1548  duration – 3:30
With compelling melodies, counterpoint and infectious rhythms  Carol celebrates the wonderful land we are privileged to live in. This composition is suitable for high school and community choirs with user-friendly vocal registers and intuitive voice leading.  Yet, University and Chamber Choirs will also enjoy the challenge.

Well Water

by Carol Ann Weaver

SA (or any two part) with piano    $2.25    CP 1702  duration – 1:30
Carol Ann’s sojourn to Paraguay gave rise to very interesting composition. This simple effective song captures the idea of heat and thirst. It also hints at the crisis in many areas of the world where fresh drinking water is a cherished commodity. Well Water is the prelude to the legendary Uncle Hans – a brave man who was lowered into a dry well to dig out sand – the rope snapped – and he shattered his leg so badly that amputation was necessary!
If ordering for a mixed choir, please ask for the SA/TB version – (still in two parts)