synchronization licensing

Before posting a choir video online –  Youtube or Vimeo etc., or Live-Streaming a choir performance (including church services), choirs need to write publishers for a synchronization license – because of copyright matters. If you’ve posted a video prematurely, it’s not too late to make amends.

Cypress Choral Music offers TWO OPTIONS – depending on the format of presentation:

OPTION #1) If the virtual video is a compilation/collage of individual singers – faces in boxes (as in the banner above) – the fee is $50.

OPTION #2) If the choir is singing together as a group – performing in one location (as in this covid era photo) – the nominal fee is $25. This would include school concerts, church services, streaming a concert, etc.

Make your request known to us and we will send you a PayPal request. Your payment will be followed by a simple letter of permission from Cypress. 

QWhat if our choir wants to post a video with photos and artwork – with our choir singing as the soundtrack? A: Option #2 would apply.

Q: May we embed the video on our choir website? A: Yes, please do.

Q: How long may we keep the video online? A: For as long as you wish.

REQUEST: Please put the composer credit on the top line of the video description, together with the publisher – like the screenshot below.

Please let us know if you have any concerns or questions.  email


Dr. Larry Nickel; CEO, editor