and win a free order of sheet music for your choir

Cypress is delighted to feature choral music from over 180 Canadian composers.

Name 30 composers and/or curators to receive a FREE order of choral music for your entire choir when a 2nd selection of equal or greater value is ordered with the same number of copies.  (This is a two for one special – available during the month of May, 2020. – exclusively for Canadian choirs). Cheating is allowed and strongly encouraged. Search our website for assistance to match names with faces – or consult with friends. This is meant to be fun and informative during this stifling coronavirus pandemic.

Click here to open the answer form. Run off a copy or save it as a PDF to your computer. Notice – every composer has a hint.

Click on the four photo icons below to open pages full of composer images. 

Follow this process, please:

1) Name 30 composers – fill in the blanks and add a few extra in case you get one wrong.
2) Email the answer sheet via PDF to Cypress. (print off, fill out, scan to PDF – whatever works for you).
3) Cypress will grade your score and – (should you pass the test) – send you a special order form via email.
4) Then fill out and submit that order form with at least two song titles (one for FREE and one you get to pay for).
5) Cypress will send you the invoice and, once that is settled, we can ship the music to you.
6) You will pay for shipping/delivery so submitting several titles at once would help to reduce shipping costs in the long run.

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