We wish there was a simple clear way to track down copyright information. Copyright law should be taken seriously.
Why wouldn’t copyright owners be pleased to give choral composers permission to arrange and publish their songs? After all, they would be receiving annual royalties from a new source, right? What have they got to lose? However, Cypress has a 50/50 record of permissions and denials.  We have found that some big companies treat you like an annoying fruit fly. (there’s not enough money in it for them to make it worth their while)
Tracking down and obtaining copyright permission usually requires patience and tenacity. Put on your sleuthing gear, Sherlock!
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Here is a good place to start:

MPA – Music Publishers Association of the United States (education and advocacy)

Organizations and their Search Engines (3 big players)
1) ASCAP’s ACE – a searchable database of all compositions in the ASCAP repertory which have appeared in any of ASCAP’s domestic surveys, including foreign compositions licensed by ASCAP in the United States.
2) BMI’s HYPER-REPERTOIRE – an internet song title database for publisher information on songs licensed by BMI.
3) SESAC’S ON-LINE REPERTORY – for works in the SESAC repertory which have been compiled from various sources.
ALFRED MUSIC Licensing – Cypress has several contracts with Alfred. They own the rights to MANY songs.
HAL LEONARD Licensing – contact person – Kevin McGee
Warner Chappell Music
Easy Song Licensing – a search service that will charge you for tracking down a copyright
SCRIBD – report copyright infringement
general information:
– Duration of a copyright in Canada – for 50 years after the author’s death, (70 years in the States)
Comparing US and Canadian copyright law – interesting
– (US Copyright Office) – general information re. copyright matters
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