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Tracy Wong hails from Malaysia and is a choral conductor, music educator, vocalist, pianist, and composer. She holds a Doctor in Musical Arts and Master in Music Performance (Choral Conducting) degrees from the University of Toronto under the tutelage of Dr. Hilary Apfelstadt. At U of T, Tracy was the co-conductor of the Soprano & Alto Chorus, and assistant conductor of the Chamber Choir and MacMillan Singers. She is also the proud recipient of the Elmer Iseler National Graduate Fellowship in Choral Conducting (2016, 2017). As a conductor, Tracy has led choirs in Malaysia and Canada. Her choral works have been performed by Malaysian, Canadian, European, and American choirs at international competitions and festivals. She has also completed the compilation of Canadian composer Nancy Telfer’s choral compositions, a resource for music educators and choral directors. For more information on Tracy Wong, visit

Ikan Kekek

by Tracy Wong
SSAA – a cappella – CP 1618  – duration 2:30
SATB – a cappella – CP 1643
SAB – a cappella – CP 1830
SA – a cappella – CP 1831

“Ikan Kekek” is about a fish, and a whole lot more! As with children’s songs from other countries, Malaysian children’s songs consist of  simple, catchy, and repetitive melodies. These tunes are usually lively and festive. They often either tell a story, bear advice for young people, or are humorously written and purely meant to entertain. This popular children’s song from Malaysia covers them all and is arranged for SSAA / SATB choir and percussion.
Percussion available (sent via PDF) upon request

Rasa Nusantara

by Tracy Wong
SSAA – a cappella – CP 1631 – duration 4:00
SATB – a cappella – CP 1691

A joyful medley of four Malaysian folk dances. Listen to Tracy sing it herself while you study the score. Easy, rhythmic and crowd pleasing!
Percussion available (sent via PDF) upon request

Wau Bulan

by Tracy Wong
SA – a cappella – CP 1537   – duration 2:50 
SAB – a cappella – CP 1608
This classic and upbeat Malaysian folk song is about flying kites! It is usually sung while seated on the floor and while performing synchronized-choreographed movements and hand claps. This pentatonic melody can be adapted to suit choirs at all levels and makes for a colorful opening or closing of any concert.