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Born and raised in Montreal, Susan Lapp grew up in both a musical and artistic environment. Since earning a BFA from Concordia University, Montreal in 1979, she has been a professional flautist, composer, church music/choir director, studio musician and teacher.  In 1999 she began focusing heavily on art and since then has been represented in galleries throughout Ontario as well as Pennsylvania and California, Susan continues to compose both sacred music and secular pieces for solo piano. She now lives in Guelph, Ontario.  visit Susan’s website here


Mary's Son, the Prince of Peace

by Susan Lapp

UNISON or SA – KH 066 – duration 2:45
This composition has a beautiful and easily realized melody for a choir at any level. Unison singing can be very powerful. The two part option in the final chorus (bar 53) emphasizes the joy and “Gloria” adoration for the miraculous birth. Have fun singing this section with the senior choir. Slowing down with soft voices at bar 65 will be very powerful before erupting with joy for the final two bars.