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A winner of multiple songwriting and poetry awards, Susan Ellenton (b. 1955) has performed at festivals and folk clubs across Canada and in the U.S.  She received training in classical piano and is a longtime student of jazz vocals, but her deepest musical roots are in the songs of summer camp. Over the past twenty years, Susan has responded to chronic hand injuries by developing a unique approach to making songs. Her melodies and lyrics are developed entirely with her voice, and are grounded in the rhythms of walking and dancing.

photo by Dermot McCann

Shine On, Silver Moon

by Susan Ellenton – arranged by Larry Nickel

SATB  a cappella  –   CP 1279   – 4:15
This song is heart-breakingly beautiful. Nickel was so moved when he heard it for the first time and asked Susan Ellenton for permission to to give it an a cappella setting. “When my freedom and my destiny look each other in the face – feels like life lived in grace.”  visit Susan’s website (click here)
“Shine On came into being during a lengthy convalescence and was refined on long, slow walks around my garden. There is solace to be found in favourite philosophical texts, in becoming one of the ‘old ones’ and in contemplation of the phases of the moon.”  S.E.