REQUIEM FOR PEACE – Chamber Orchestra Version

composer – Dr. Larry Nickel

featuring the Kiev Symphony Chorus directed by Viktoriia Konchakovska on Feb 20, 2020
watch the video below

On February 20, 2020, the Kiev Symphony Chorus (director Viktoriia Konchakovska) gave a remarkably stellar and impassioned presentation of Requiem for Peace at the illustrious National Philharmonic of Ukraine. The occasion was Remembrance Day of the Heavenly Hundred Heroes; for those who died during the Revolution of Dignity in 2014. (The Euromaidan movement turned into the 2014 Ukrainian revolution which resulted in the removal of the Yanukovych government).

1) Listen to the world premiere – featuring over 250 musicians – with full symphony orchestra
2) Study movements separately with the music score, libretto, audio and video – click here
3) There are four a cappella movements – available as a set – study the 4 scores while you listen
4) Listen to the CBC radio feature (with interviews)