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Nick Turnbull (he/him) is a Yukon-based, Canadian composer, teacher, producer and conductor with a deep passion and love for the arts, with an extra soft spot for choral music.  Having studied music composition at the University of Calgary, and Berklee College of Music, Nick has been fortunate and grateful to have worked with, and actively learn from inspiring composers, performers, and ensembles around the world. Nick happily devotes his professional music career to curiously explore how music and creative self-expression connects us all, heals us, and is a catalyst to empower us to overcome limitations and adversity. Nick’s quest for a better world through music, has taken him to teach, adjudicate, learn, and have his works performed across the Americas and beyond. Nick is a doggy-dad of two little dogs, that accompany him across his many adventures in nature, seeking that next inspiration… or, while he writes music under the Northern Lights in his remote home in Canada’s Yukon.

Maritime Promises

by Nick Turnbull

SATB a cappella with divisi – CP 2209 – 5:05

‘Maritime Promises’ is a sea shanty that describes the nature of the promise of sea-faring men to their land-bound loved ones that they will return quickly and safely. In the Canadian Maritime Provinces, the ocean is an important part of life and there are many reasons to leave shore, however, for every man out at sea there is a wife, lover, sister, mother, or child left behind to worry and wait.  This song speaks from the two perspectives of this promise. It alternates between the longing of the men at sea to be home and the hoping of the women on shore that they will see their men again. The women reach out to those out at sea, hoping to guide them home while the men call back, reassuring that they remember their promise and will do everything they can to keep it despite the hardships of the sea and beyond. “So your duty brings you back to the ocean. I’ll be strong as I watch you fade..”

Composer Notes:

Writing “Maritime Promises” has been a real journey. I began writing the song back in 2008. Originally, the music was set to the poem “Sunrise Along The Shore” by acclaimed Canadian author L.M. Montgomery. Shortly after completing the song, I was informed that the text was not public domain. I immediately contacted the Montgomery estate seeking for permission to use the work. After nearly 6 months of trying and no responses, I removed the text and archived the song. In early 2009, I ran across the poetry of close friends, Carrie Campbell and Ian Jarvey. They quickly agreed to write lyrics to the pre-existing “Sunrise Along The Shore” song. Carrie Campbell proposed a new theme of war-brides in eastern Canada. The idea slowly evolved into what today became “Maritime Promises”.