REQUIEM FOR PEACE – KIEV – 2019 – Videos

Kiev Symphony Chorus – directed by Viktoria Konchakovska

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Prelude – Leaving Russia

1) Fratres in unum (Brothers in Unity)

2) Requiem aeternum (Eternal Rest)
3) Long Black Arm

4) Bugles Sang

5) Ahni Shalom

6) Bahni Adam

7) Kyrie eleison (Lord, Have Mercy)

8) Bêtise de la guerre (The Stupidity of War)

9) Bing Che Xing (Battle of the Army Carts)

10) Dvadtsat Vosyem Shtïkovïkh (28 Bayonets)

11) Hiroshima lacrimosa

12) Håll Facklan Högt (Tears for Hiroshima)

13) Dulce et decorum (Sweet and Honourable)

14) Kinderen van de Vrede (Children of Peace)

15) Reconciliation

16) Agnus Dei  (Lamb of God)

Requiem for Peace is the doctoral thesis of composer, Larry Nickel; a major work for Chorus, Symphony and soloists. An international call for peace and reconciliation, it draws on poetry in 13 languages. This performance in Ukraine – the 26th performance of the work – was special to Larry because his grandparents fled the Ukraine during the Bolshevik revolution (1917) – and established a homestead in Canada.

Requiem for Peace is scored for full Symphony and also Chamber orchestra. 
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