Composer Dr. Larry Nickel is an Associate Member of the Canadian Music Centre. He has written hundreds of compositions for choirs. Above image – rehearsing his “Requiem for Peace” at Carnegie Hall.
Larry gladly accepts Canadian League of Composer rates whenever he can get them. (see here)  These rates (starting at $485 per minute of music) are beyond the reach of some choirs.  Not to worry.

Larry Nickel – commission rates for choral compositions – 2021

1) arrangement of an existing piece – a cappella choral – $1395.00
2) arrangement of an existing piece – choral with keyboard accomp. – $1595.00
3) original composition for a cappella choral (SATB, TTBB, SSA, etc) – $1795.00
4) original composition for a choral piece with keyboard accomp.- $1995.0
5) re-voicing of one of Nickel’s own pieces (e.g. SATB to TTBB) –  $695.00

Add an accompanying instrument for an extra $100. (e.g. flute, oboe, clarinet, cello, violin, banjo, kazoo, accordion, etc)

These fees are open to negotiation. Any combination of voices and instruments is possible.

Larry specializes in “Made-to-Measure” collaborations with choirs. For example:

1)  “Larry, our Community Choir is touring Europe in April and we’ll have 10 sopranos, 8 altos, 3 tenors and 5 basses. Only a few of the singers have formal music education and the youngest singer is 68 years old. The sopranos can sound good up to an F and the basses can hit a low F. The tenors struggle above an Eb. Please let the altos carry the melody in a few places.  Our piano player is very skilled. We want a song that the choir can memorize; something that is fun, inviting, and inclusive; something that talks about the beauty of Canada. One of our singers has written a poem you can use.”

2) “Larry, we’ve been invited to sing at the televised Remembrance Day Ceremony in Ottawa.  Our Chamber Choir can sing anything; divisi in all sections is no problem. Soprano high As and  bass low Ds are standard for our choir. So we need something that really depicts the sorrow, agony, and pathos – preferably a cappella in a minor key – with lots of counterpoint and dissonance. Please use this text by Bliss Carmen.”
Here are three samples of Nickel commissions – demonstrating three degrees of challenge; 1) easy, 2) medium difficulty 3) formidable

1) The Hockey Song – (an arrangement for Jubilate Vocal Ensemble)
2) Who Knows Where the Seasons Go? – (for Trinity United Church)
3) I Cannot Dance – (for Salt Lake Singers) watch the video here

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