featuring the Taiwan Youth Festival Choir in 2014

the above simulation will be replaced with proper voices soon
listen to The Canadian Tenors sing the original version in the video below


Ave Maria
please note that the featured SATB recording (above) includes extra liturgical text
the score being sold stays with the simple “Ave Maria” (Hail Mary)


TTBB SCORE (PDF) – sweet-spot registers for men
TTTB (three tenors and a baritone) SCORE (PDF) – as sung by the Canadian Tenors (a major 3rd higher)


SATB – with piano – CP 1327
SATB – with piano – PDF – CP 1327 PDF
TTBB – with piano – CP 1738
TTBB – with piano – PDF – CP 1738 PDF
TTTB – with piano – CP 1390 – (T1, T1, T2, B1)  in A minor – like the “Tenors” recording below
TTTB – with piano – PDF – CP 1390 PDF – (T1, T1, T2, B1)  in A minor – like the “Tenors” recording below

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Cypress makes rehearsal tracks for choirs –  here is a demo

Rehearsal Tracks  –  Ave Maria

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