Kevin Pirker (b. 1998) has a Bachelor of Music degree in Composition. He studied under Derek Charke and Peter-Anthony Togni at Acadia University in Wolfville, NS. He was chosen as a finalist for Chor Leoni’s Canadian Choral Composition Competition, and was awarded the ‘Barbara Pentland Award for Outstanding Composition’ from the Canadian Music Centre. He has a deep passion for Modern Classical, Romantic, Impressionistic, and Contemporary Jazz and his music draws inspiration from each of these genres. Kevin is eagerly looking forward to everything the future has in store. 



by Kevin Pirker

SATB a cappella – CP 1756 – duration 4:15

This is the winning composition of Choral Canada’s 2020 National Competition for Choral Writing — Diane Loomer Award, premiered by the 2020 National Youth Choir of Canada. While “She walks in Beauty” primarily focuses on physical beauty, it also explores the relationship between inner beauty and outer beauty. It portrays these concepts as closely interconnected. Indeed, the woman’s outer appearance is read as a sign of her inner serenity, peacefulness, and innocence.

The poet compares a beautiful woman to a clear night sky full of bright stars. The finest light and darkness come together in harmony in this woman’s appearance, particularly within her eyes. This gentle and delicate play of light is heavenly—indeed, heaven usually refuses to grant this supernatural light to the showy daytime. A touch more shade or even one ray of light would have greatly diminished the woman’s beauty. This beauty, which is hard to put into words, shows itself in every strand of the woman’s hair, and gently falls on her face. Her sweet, angelic emotions play out on her face, revealing how pure and precious this woman is. On the woman’s cheek and forehead—softly and calmly, but noticeably—appear winning smiles and a glowing skin tone. These features reveal that the woman spends her days virtuously, that she possesses a peaceful mind, and that she has an innocent, loving heart.


by Kevin Pirker

SATB a cappella – CP 1887 – duration 5:25

As I get older, I grow increasingly aware of the suffering that exists in this world. It’s all over the news, found at every corner of social media; and I (like everyone) experience it in my own way. Amazingly, even amidst suffering, I can see just how resilient people become. They become stronger and work together. This is especially true regarding refugees. Many refugees seeking a better life for themselves and their families would risk everything in order to find hope in the chaos that surrounds them. It might be the only way to have a new chance at life; a complete renewal. Seeing how these refugees stand with courage inspired me to write Meditations. It is a piece that shares my own personal story of “renewal”; where I was, where I am, and where I want to go. As many university students could understand, the workload demanded of you becomes extremely stressful in short (or sometimes long) periods of time. In times like these, doubting yourself and your place in the world is unfortunately not out of the scope of reality. Throughout the past year, I’ve been attempting to make meditation a daily practice, and it has ultimately boosted my positivity and productivity. Meditation, for me, has been a way of helping settle these internal struggles, while creating music has given me an outlet to share my story. Now, I’m very excited to share it with you.






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