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John Vooys (b. 1988) is a native of Calgary, Alberta, and a composer, solo performer, director, and church worship leader. He is the artistic director of Blend Vocal Association, and works with Harmony through Harmony as a director of one of their ensembles; he regularly composes for both groups. John studied at the Alberta College of Art + Design and at Ambrose Seminary. 

John’s music can be found here.

Little Snow Cat

by John Vooys

SSA with piano – CP 1857 – duration 3:30
The Little Snow Cat in the song refers to my nieces Zoe and Lucy, who love pretending to be animals. I wrote the song to contrast a child’s eagerness for life to happen, and a parent’s (or uncle’s) wish that life wouldn’t fly by so quickly. (Little Snow Cat was the overall winner of the 2019 Warren County Promising Young Composers Competition)