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Jennifer Trites (b. 1984) developed a passion for choral music as a child in Nova Scotia’s Annapolis Valley, singing in multiple community and school based choirs. She studied Theory and Composition at Memorial University in St John’s, Newfoundland. Jennifer is a regular performer and collaborator with Xara Choral Theatre Ensemble and the Villains Theatre Company, and has been recognized for her innovative work in both the music and theatre communities of Nova Scotia.  

As a collaborative pianist, she has performed with Soundtrax, Vivace Children’s Choir, the Dalhousie Wind Ensemble, the Gilbert and Sullivan Society of Nova Scotia, and the Xara Youth Ensemble. Jennifer is an Orff Specialist, and currently teaches elementary music for the Halifax Regional School Board.

I’ll Give My Love an Apple

arr. Jenny Trites

SSA a cappella   –    CP 1428   – 3:10   
Helen Creighton collected over four thousand folksongs, stories, and myths over the course of her career. This variant of I’ll Give My Love an Apple from Dennis Smith, a retired sea captain living in Chezzetcook, NS. Creighton used to cite this as one of her favourites, although Smith wasn’t sure why she was so excited, saying, “it’s only a little one, about as long as my thumb.”  

Jennifer – also from the Maritimes – has scored this exciting setting of medium difficulty.
Listen to the wonderful rendition of Jennifer’s arrangement by Nova Scotia’s Xara – directed by Christina Murray.