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A 2-part anthem with descant, suitable for even the smallest church choir. Reverent in tone with a simple but direct text. Piano (or organ) accompaniment of easy to moderate difficulty.


Jesus, the Truth the Way,
be a Light for me today;
all I think and do and say –  in the house of God.

Here my voice I lift in praise.
Here my heart and hands I raise.
Finding strength in gentle ways – in the house of God.

Take now the best in me.
Give me heart and mind to see
what is most of use to Thee – in the house of God.

Hosanna in excelsis!

All the good you give, we bring;
gifts of kindness offering.
Gifts we carry, gifts we sing – in the house of God.





SATB with piano – CP 1014

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Cypress makes rehearsal tracks for choirs –  here is a demo

Rehearsal Tracks  –  House of God

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