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Garrett Krause is a composer and pianist from Calgary, Alberta. His compositions have received numerous awards at the local and provincial levels, including from the Alberta Registered Music Teachers Association, and Alberta Piano Teachers Association, as well as the national level, from the Canada Conservatory, and a winning orchestral piece, “Where Pines and Maples Grow,” performed by the PEI Symphony Orchestra . As a pianist he has performed in many local festivals, and enjoys working as an accompanist in Calgary. He is a graduate of the University of Calgary and recent winner of the Canadian Chamber Choir’s “Canada 150 Composition Competition.”

The Maple

by Garrett Krause

SATB  a cappella    –    CP 1613   – 4:30
This composition is written for accomplished choirs.  Listen to the presentation by the Canadian Chamber Choir. 
Nature lovers will appreciate this tribute to the maple tree – one of the true beauties in the forest.