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Edward Enman is a pianist and composer whose music warmly embraces storytelling, multi-media, collaboration, and innovative performance experiences. As a recording artist, performer, and creator, Edward strives to create meaningful connections with listeners while breaking down stylistic barriers in the classical music world. He holds an enthusiasm for compelling programming and enjoys combining the old with the new.

Edward’s debut EP Refuge, released in early 2021 and featuring works for solo piano, explores the weaving of text with instrumental music, as well as the dynamic energy of improvisation. His first full-length album of original music Breathe In, Breathe Out is funded by FACTOR Canada and features works for piano duo and piano/cello. Edward received a nomination for Classical Composer of the year at the 2023 East Coast Music Awards. 
As a soloist and collaborative performer, he performs regularly across Canada, working with such ground-breaking forces as India Gailey, David Potvin, and Rose-Naggar-Tremblay. His compositions have been premiered and performed around the world, and he has recently held residencies with the Amadeus Choir of Greater Toronto, Labo de musique contemporaine de Montréal, Westben Performer-Composer Residency, 1:2:1 Intensive,(Art) Song Lab and a commission project with the SHHH!! Ensemble. Edward’s music and performances can be heard regularly on CBC Radio and Radio Canada.
Dr. Enman holds degrees in solo piano performance from the University of Montréal (DMus), University of Ottawa (MMus), and Acadia University (BM). He is currently based with his family in Montréal, Canada. Edward also runs marathons and is an avid baseball fan. (edwardenman.com)

All the Love That Lies Beneath

by Edward Enman

SATB a cappella – CP 2124 – duration 4:41

“This piece was written during the time I was first learning to be a parent. The melodies throughout began as improvised tunes I would sing to my daughter at some indistinct time in the night. Eventually I wrote some of these melodies down, added words, and melded it all together. The core spark of this piece is the idea of leading a life with love, and to inspire that same love-centered way of living in others. If you start with love, the rest will follow.”

Between the Alleys of the Stars

by Edward Enman

SATB a cappella – CP 2286 – duration 3:45

“The stillness and absense of movement in this text was the feature which first captured my attention. The single frozen moment which is so vivid in this poem is a contained and life-filled example of the beauty and magic of which our world is full.With a nod to the stars and Earth’s place among them, this poem explores the beautiful and immense complexity of our planet through this isolated moment. With great anticipation of activity and change, this brief poem also vividly reveals our place in the world and our experience within it all.

My initial intent was for this piece to be a joyful celebration of the remarkable world in which we live, but as I spent more time thinking about the condition of Earth and its perlious direction, more pain and sadness found its way into the music. What we are left with is both an awe-filled celebration of Earth and a painful reflection on its deteriorating state. Eventually, I found that words failed me for it all – the awe-filled wonder, the earnest sadness, the appreciation, and the feeling of connection.
So it is also in this piece. As the words end, the music continues on to express that which words cannot.
Our connectivity to the earth is crucial in our care of it. Acknowledging and admiring the sheer magnificence of our world inspires love and hope.This in turn inspires action to preserve and care for this planet which we call home. “
-The composer (May 28th, 2020)