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Dorothy Dyck was born and raised in Western Manitoba, and her earliest memories revolve around singing with her parents and six siblings on the farm.  Since 1997, Dorothy has devoted her expertise and energy to developing the Maples Collegiate choral program in Northwest Winnipeg.  Beyond teaching, Dorothy has directed each of the Manitoba regional youth choirs, and is regularly called on to be an adjudicator at music festivals across the prairies and Western provinces.  She currently co-directs SonoLux, a vibrant Winnipeg community choir.

In recent years, the Maples Chamber Choir and Senior Choir have been awarded most outstanding performance trophies at the Winnipeg Music Festival, and Dorothy and Philip were the co-recipients of the 2018 WMF Michael J. Proudfoot Award: in recognition of a conductor exemplifying a passion for excellence in choral work.

Bonny Portmore

arr. Dorothy Dyck and Phillip Lapatha

SATB a cappella – CP 1872 – duration 4:05

This arrangement of the Irish folksong is musically characterized by lush harmonies, full texture, and a loyalty to the original strophic structure of the song.  The song tells the melancholic story of the Great Oak of Portmore, a grand tree and symbol of nationalistic pride for Ireland that fell in a great storm in 1760.