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Canadian Music Educators Association (CMEA) “Jubilate Award of Merit” recipient  Donna Rhodenizer is an accomplished songwriter, composer and music educator. Her song lyrics reveal a writer in touch with people and life experiences, with a unique way of seeing the world. Donna’s music reflects her love of harmony and beautiful melodies instilled through her choral experience and classical music training as a violinist. Donna has written commissioned songs and/or choral arrangements for several leading choirs in Nova Scotia. Many performances of Donna Rhodenizer’s compositions can be found on YouTube. 
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Come Home

by Donna Rhodenizer

SATB with keyboard – CP 1549 – duration: 4:00
The lyrics of this song speak of the memories and the loved ones who make home a special place. Although, Donna’s beloved home province of Nova Scotia provided the inspiration for this song, no matter where we are, the call to return to our roots is a strong sentiment that resonates deep within us. Donna’s lyrical melody and three-dimensional harmonies are handled with finesse, creating beautiful textures with the vocal colours available from the SATB choir

The Last Song

by Robbie Smith
arr. Donna Rhodenizer

SATB with keyboard – CP 1956 – duration: 3:25
SSA with keyboard – CP 2037
TTBB with keyboard – CP 2144

The concert is over, the footlights are low
And so must the curtain fall
I’ll sing one more song now and then I must go
Adieu to you, one and all

Why Can't We?

arr. Donna Rhodenizer

SATB with keyboard – CP 1930 – duration: 4:45
SSA with keyboard – CP 1993
TTBB with keyboard – CP 2021
Touch the same grass breathe the same air
Same gust o’wind caresses our hair
We do… we do have a lot in common
Shed the same tears day after day
Walk the good earth in the same kinda way
We do… we do have a lot in common
So why can’t we… why can’t we just get along?
Why can’t we… why can’t we just get along?