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This Endris Night is a carol based on anonymous poem dating back to the fifteenth century. The text, consisting of six verses, is a dialogue between the mother Mary and the infant Jesus. Each verse has been given a slightly different harmonic treatment. A challenging piece, it features an unpredictable melodic direction and frequent meter changes. This Endris Night was the (tied) winner of the Amadeus Choir Christmas Carol Competition 1993 in the category of SATB with keyboard (Published Composer). It was performed in Toronto by the Amadeus Choir in Toronto during the same year, under the direction of its conductor, Lydia Adams.


1.  This endris night I saw a sight,
A star as bright as day;
And e’er among, A maiden sung.
‘Lullay, by, by, lullay.’

2. (Mother)
‘My son, my child, dear,
Why liest thou thus in hay?
But ne’ertheless I will not cease
To sing, by, by, lullay.’

3. (Son)
‘For angels bright to me do light:
Thou knowest ‘tis no nay:
And for that sight thou may’st delight
To sing, by, by, lullay.’

4. (Mother)
‘Now tell, sweet son, I thee do pray,
Thou art my love and dear –
How should I keep thee to thy pay,
And make thee glad of cheer?’

5. (Son)
‘Dear mother, when time it be,
Take thou me up on loft,
And if I weep, and may not sleep,
Thou sing, by, by, lullay.’

6. (Mother)
‘Sweet son, since it is come so,
That all is at thy will,
To bliss thou bring – and I shall sing,
Lullay, by, by, lullay.’




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