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Benjamin Keast, a Korean-Canadian composer and arranger based in Toronto, is celebrated for his exceptional contributions to the world of music. With a keen ear for harmonies and a penchant for innovation, Benjamin’s compositions are a fusion of diverse musical influences. Drawing inspiration from both classical and traditional Korean music, Benjamin weaves a unique tapestry of sounds in his compositions. His works are characterized by an eclectic yet harmonically rich language and shimmering soundscapes.

Benjamin’s music has resonated with choral ensembles throughout North America — his compositions have been performed at prestigious venues such as Disney Hall by the LA Master Chorale.
In addition to his compositional talents, Benjamin is an accomplished pianist and a tenor specializing in choral music. He frequently arranges music for a cappella groups, further showcasing his multifaceted musical abilities. Benjamin is dedicated to creating music that is both thought-provoking and accessible to audiences of all backgrounds. His commitment to the lasting beauty of choral music makes him an exciting voice in the choral world. 
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by Benjamin Keast

SATB a cappella – CP 2289 – duration 2:15

Butterfly is an ode to humanity’s capacity to overcome and persevere. It is an unbridled expression of the wonder and beauty of life, and it is a promise for better days ahead.

Pater Noster

by Benjamin Keast

SATB a cappella – CP 2290 – duration 3:40

Pater Noster gently guides listeners through the cherished Christian prayer with a harmonious embrace of serenity and reverence.