Earle Peach


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Black Fly Song   by Wade Hemsworth, arr. Earle Peach     

SATB with piano  -  $2.35    CP 1295
    (listen here and view the score)  duration - 2:40

SAB with piano  -  $2.35    CP 1398

SSA with piano  -  $2.35    CP 1515

This is a classic Canadian folk song. In Ontario construction workers battle black flies without relief!  Earle’s arrangement is rollicking great fun!    

From the Air   by Earle Peach     

SATB a cappella  -  $2.35    CP 1506
    (listen here and view the score)  duration - 4:50

Earle shares a spiritual experience, looking down upon our beautiful green earth.  Lush harmonies, intuitive voice leading and sweet spot registers make this gorgeous composition perfect for choirs ranging from high school groups, community choirs, church choirs and also professional groups.  Listen to this performance by Vancouver’s Peace Choir directed by Dr. Timothy Corlis.   


Earle Peach has been a fixture on the Vancouver folk music landscape for decades, playing with Songtree, Natural Elements, Ship of Fools, Flying Ship, Sudanda, Illiteraty and many others groups. He conducts several choirs, teaches a variety of music skills and creates music for film, video and theatre. Earle is a prolific composer (he’s probably composing something right now).