New Music - 2015


A Cappella Christmas Cards    arr. Miles Ramsay 

SAATB    $10.50    CP 1374
(see the score while you listen) duration 15 minutes

A collection of six pieces in the style of Alfred Burt and Gene Peurling.  Warm, lush, jazzy arrangements that will challenge any choir to achieve beautiful unaccompanied singing - so appropriate for Christmas!

  1. 1)Away in a Manger  2) Deck the Halls  3) It Came Upon a Midnight Clear  4) O Little Town of Bethlehem 5) Silent Night  6) What Child is This?

Miles arranged these carols for his family - and they recorded them as Christmas cards for their friends.  Give a listen.  You won’t believe the quality of their singing!  These pieces can also be ordered separately. (see below).

A la claire fontaine    arr. Larry Nickel 

SATB    with piano    $2.35    CP 1321
(see the score while you listen)

This song may have appeared as early as 1604, when the first French settlement was established in Quebec. A clear fountaine, a rose, and heart-break. Children sing this folk-song and adults relate to the deeper meanings. Nickel gives the pentatonic melody evocative harmonization. This arrangement was premiered at the United Nations in Geneva. Please give a listen!

Alberta Cowboy Songs - (set of three songs)    arr. Trent Worthington  

SATB    $5.25    CP 1307  
(see the score while you listen)

Alberta Homesteader, Blood on the Saddle, Flunky Jim.  Purchase the songs individually or as a booklet of all three.

And the Poppies Grow    by Donna Forward-Houriet, arr. Larry Nickel

SATB with piano    $2.35    CP 1325 
(see the score while you listen)

Imagine a line of soldiers marching from the distance and passing by. This march would be perfect for Remembrance Day programs or any event concerning themes of war and peace. Donna wrote it for her high school choir. Community choirs will love it too.

After the War   Gross and Keele arr. Mark Sirett

SATB    with piano    $2.35    CP 1328     
(see the score while you listen)

SSA    with piano    $2.35    CP 1326

Sarah Slean sang this song in the film “Passchendaele”.  Paul Gross, from Calgary-Alberta, wrote, co-produced and starred in the film which focuses on the experiences of a Canadian soldier at the Third Battle of Ypres.

Mark has transformed the song into a wonderful choral composition which would be well suited to Remembrance Day events or any concert concerning War and Peace.

Instrumental parts - (optional and not available through retailers) - $20 (full set sent via PDF files):

full score plus; oboe, flute, violin and double bass

Away in a Manger    arr. Miles Ramsay

SAATB    $2.35    CP 1370
(see the score while you listen) duration 3:15

Part of the  “A Cappella Christmas Cards” collection. Miles combines both melodies of the classic carol.

Beauty is Before Me by Penny Blake

SATB    $2.25    CP 1366 
   (see the score while you listen)
SSAA    $2.25    CP 1369 
   (see the score while you listen)

The lovely flowing quality of this composition and the soaring harmonies evoke a deep spirit of reverence. The message, from an ancient Navaho text, is relevant, uplifting, and sure to touch any singer and listener.

Blues for a Green Boy    by Don Macdonald

SSATB a cappella    $2.35  -  CP 1345 
(see the score while you listen)

Does a person need to be sad to play the blues? Don’s wife, Allison wrote the lyrics. Could the happy guitar playing boy they describe be their own son? Charming and meaningful.

Born Like the Pines - by Matthew Emery

SAB  a cappella  $2.35    CP 1344
(see the score while you listen)

Anyone who has experienced the wonder of a walk through the forest will love this song. The SAB setting is perfect for young choirs or choirs that are short on tenors. However, the men often carry the melody, making the composition suitable for choirs of all levels.

Canadian Pacific    by Ray Griff, arr. Larry Nickel

SATB   with piano   $2.35    CP 1280
(see the score while you listen)

This is a barn burner! Ride the tracks across the continent from Halifax to Vancouver - to meet your true love.

Carry Me Away   by Kathryn Parrotta

SSA and piano    $2.35    CP 1331
    (listen here and view the score)

This a a beautiful song for treble voices - about flying!

My choir used the imagery and sensation of flying in a dream above our beautiful earth and also the feeling of reaching the top of a roller coaster climb - before the big drop. This sensory teaching helped to achieve feelings of freedom and anticipation.  We discussed the lyrics and how they apply to their own life situations; the fear of flying alone, the will to try, and the desire to achieve.   KP

Caught in the Rhythm    by Larry Nickel

SATB   with piano   $2.35    CP 1329
(see the score while you listen)

There is a time for every purpose under heaven. The famous words of King Solomon are set to an infectious melody and rhythm. Two melodies combine to form a canon. There is also a piano feature! This is eminently suitable for high school, community and church choirs!

Creation Calls    by Brian Doerksen,  arr. Larry Nickel

SATB    with piano   $2.35    CP 1352
(see the score while you listen)
SATB a cappella   $2.35    CP 1367
(see the score while you listen)

Upbeat, fun and approachable - spinning off the names of rivers in Canada: White, Moose, Red, Bear, Yukon, Old Man, Fraser, etc.  Water is our most precious commodity in many ways. Please give it a listen!

Da Pacem Domine  by Peter-Anthony Togni   


SATB a cappella    $2.25    CP 1365  
   (see the score while you listen)

Da Pacem Domine is part of a work I wrote in 2014 called Warrior Songs, a work about the concept of non- aggression, of a true Warrior, one who never actually goes into battle. I drew inspiration from Tibetan Buddhist texts, from Malcolm X and from the from my own Roman Catholic tradition. My motet Da Pacem Domineis based on a one of the most beautiful Gregorian Chant melodies. Even though the text is peaceful and hopeful, it still calls for surrender to God's will. The chant sounds rather serious, even somber, but again points to the fact that peace does not mean tranquility, it is often a steady walk in the face of adversity. 

Farewell to Tarwathie    arr. Mark Sirett  

SATB    with piano    $2.35    CP 1357     
(see the score while you listen)

Hunting for whale off the coast of Greenland and the pain of separation - leaving loved ones across the sea. This is another effective folk song that will endear audiences.

Final Word is Love, the  by Peter-Anthony Togni                                     
SATB a cappella    $2.25    CP 1364  
   (see the score while you listen)

I'm deeply moved by the American journalist, social activist and Catholic convert, Dorothy Day. In 1933 she along with Peter Maurin founded the Catholic Worker Movement. To this day it provides aid for the poor and homeless and those living in the margins of society. In her writings she points to what she calls the "long loneliness and how the only solution is love and that love comes with community" This composition is my direct and indeed simple sonic response to her life. As she said,"We cannot love God unless we love each other, and to love we must know each other"  

Grant Us Peace    by David Archer   

SATB with piano    $2.35    CP 1322 
(see the score while you listen)

Inspired by the struggles of family members through stroke and Alzheimer's, this piece is a reflection on fond memories with loved ones. David’s poignant poem precedes his setting of a “Dona Nobis Pacem” in English.  Multiple entrances, echoing motifs and intuitive voice leading support melodic lines.

Hey Ho, Nobody Home   arr. Donald Patriquin 

SATB with piano    $2.35    CP 1341
    (listen here and view the score)

SSA with piano    $2.35    CP 1350

Here’s a rowdy Christmas song that is sure to please listeners. Trick or Treat Christmas style!

I Am Voyager by Robin Salkeld

SATB    $2.35    CP 1323    
(see the score while you listen) 

Inspired by the Voyager 1 space probe becoming the first human-made object ever to enter interstellar space. The lyrics include the Latin greeting the probe carries on its golden record as well as Robin’s own words from the perspective of the probe itself. When this composition was premiered by the Jubilate Vocal Ensemble, many people in the audience were deeply moved. Listen to the recording, read the text, and travel through outer-space.    Robin

If I Were a Blackbird    arr. Scott Macmillan 

SATB with piano  $2.35    CP 1360 
(see the score while you listen)

A beautiful folksong melody collected by Dr. Helen Creighton in Lunenberg County, Nova Scotia.  It is in 3/4 time telling the story of a sailor, his maiden, and the pain of separation.

Irish Blessing  by Susan Toman


SA with piano    $2.25    CP 1363  
   (see the score while you listen)

This famous consoling poem has had many settings by composers over the last 100 years. Susan has written a very compelling melody with a lilting piano accompaniment. It goes straight to the heart. Suitable for treble choirs at age, this piece would make a touching closer to any concert.

It Came Upon a Midnight Clear    arr. Miles Ramsay

SAATB    $2.35    CP 1373
(see the score while you listen) duration 2:00

Part of the  “A Cappella Christmas Cards” collection.

Land of the Silver Birch   arr. Stephen Smith  

SATB with piano    $2.35    CP 1310  - 
   (see the score while you listen)

You might remember singing this chant around the campfire. Stephen has created a wonderfully lyrical arrangement with hypnotic ostinatos. The composition really captures the mood of a quite lake.

Lukey’s Boat   arr. Donald Patriquin  

SATB with piano    $2.35    CP 1339
    (listen here and view the score)

SSA with piano    $2.35    CP 1349

A classic maritime folksong - charming - hilarious - up tempo - great fun!

MacPherson’s Lament    arr. Scott Macmillan  

SATB with piano  $2.35    CP 1361 
(see the score while you listen)

James MacPherson was an outlaw in the north of Scotland, 300 years ago; popular with the poor people and the nemesis of Lord Duff -the Laird of Braco. Legend has it that he composed this tune the night before he was hanged and played it with his fiddle on the scaffold. Then he smashed the instrument before “dancing a loft”.

Malaika   arr. Donald Patriquin

SATB with piano    $2.35    CP 1334
    (listen here and view the score)

SSA with piano    $2.35    CP 1351

Donald arranged this Jamaican love song to complete his World Music Suite.  Infectious rhythm and a gorgeous melody make this a winner for any choir.

Malala, Pakistani Girl - by Larry Nickel

SSA with piano    $2.35    CP 1308 
  (view the score and listen here)

SAB  with piano    $2.35    CP 1334

Malala Yousafzai nearly won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2013 because of her brave and defiant stand for the rights of women to get an education. (she was shot in the head by the Taliban and became internationally famous through her convalescence) The chorus of this song is in Pashto - Malala’s mother-tongue. This composition is daring and jubilant - in an eastern modality. Give it a listen!

note: a percentage of retail sales from this music will be donated to the Malala Fund.

Miracle at Play    by Joanna Schwarz, arr. Larry Nickel

SATB    with piano and optional flute    $2.35    CP 1338     
(see the score while you listen)

Genius Albert Einstein said, “There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” There’s not doubt that Joanna adheres to the latter conviction. Please give a listen. There is a lovely marriage between her text and melody. This would be ideal for a Spring Concert - but certainly works any time of year.

Now Sleeps the Crimson Petal    by Allan Bevan

SATB a cappella    $2.35    CP 1343
   (see the score while you listen)

A poignant poem by Alfred, Lord Tennyson set to gorgeous music. Listen to this rendering by a community choir to realized that it is eminently singable.

Now the Queen of Seasons   by Stephanie Martin                                
SATB  with piano/organ, optional brass  $2.25    CP 1330 
(see the score while you listen)

This majestic Easter anthem features fanfare and full rich harmony.

O Little Town of Bethlehem    arr. Miles Ramsay

SAATB    $2.35    CP 1371
(see the score while you listen) duration 2:30

Part of the  “A Cappella Christmas Cards” collection. Warm, jazzy and meaningful.

Peter Amberly    arr. Scott Macmillan 

SATB a cappella  $2.35    CP 1362 
(see the score while you listen)

Another classic folk song from the east coast - sung from the perspective of a lumberjack who was crushed by a falling tree. Scott presents the story with compelling a cappella writing.

Piano, the    by Don Macdonald

SSATB a cappella    $2.35  -  CP 1353 
(see the score while you listen)

Who knew that a text by D.H. Lawrence could received such a becoming choral setting!? Anyone who has ever played the piano will love this piece.

Pierless Bridge, the    by  Mark Sirett  

SATB    with piano    $2.35    CP 1294     
(see the score while you listen)

TTBB    with piano    $2.35    CP 1333

SSA    with piano    $2.35    CP 1332

settings for SSA and TBB are available upon request

Emily Dickinson explores the question of faith is this poignant poem and Mark gives it the perfect gentle setting.

Psalm 23 (the Cantata)    by Robert Ingari 

SATB  and soloists, strings (optional keyboard)    $10.25    CP 1323
(see the score while you listen)

The timeless text of comfort and assurance is given exquisite craft and artistry in a tonal language both intuitive and contemporary. This Cantata is in 5 movements for SATB chorus, soprano and tenor soloists and string orchestra. Listen to this very fine recording. Duration = 24 minutes.

Red River Valley  arr. by Leonard Enns  

SATB with piano, optional strings   $2.35    CP 1354
(see the score while you listen)

Len has set this classic Canadian folk song to suit a mixed choir. (It’s usually from a cowboy’s point of view)

A touch of country humor in the harmonies and accompaniment will endear the audience.

Listen to the laughing on this recording. The string players were holding their instruments like guitars.

Come and sit by my side if you love me. Do not hasten to bid me “adieu”.

Siúl a Ghrá    arr. Scott Macmillan 

SATB with piano  $2.35    CP 1359 
(see the score while you listen)

This beloved folksong made its way from Ireland to Newfoundland centuries ago. Scott gives it a lilting flavor with a beautiful chord progression.

Song My Paddle Sings, the - by Matthew Emery

SATB  a cappella  $2.35    CP 1304
(see the score while you listen)

SSAA  a cappella  $2.35    CP 1375

The famous poem by E. Pauline Johnson comes to life with Matthew’s fine choral inclinations. If you’ve ever paddled a canoe - and even if you’ve only seen a mountain lake - you’ll love this poignant composition.

Springtime in Alberta by Ian Tyson - arranged by Larry Nickel

SATB with piano    $2.35    CP 1309
(view the score and listen here)

You may have heard Tyson’s “Four Strong Winds” - covered by everyone from Bob Dylan to Frank Sinatra. Springtime in Alberta is even more heart-breakingly beautiful (in the opinion of Nickel). “I have a special affinity with this song since my lovely wife comes from southern Alberta - where the weather in indeed unpredictable.”  LN

This Day  by Leonard Enns

SATB a cappella   $2.35    CP 1355
(see the score while you listen)

This Day is an exuberant anthem - perfect for any choir that wants to celebrate the rising of the sun and the joy of a fresh start each day. Diatonic voice leading into unique dissonances make this piece both approachable and exciting.

Tomorrow Shall Be My Dancing Day   arr. Ruth Watson Henderson

SSA    a cappella  $2.35    CP 1358
(see the score while you listen)

Ruth brings new life to this ancient carol with a sparkling piano accompaniment and interesting lilting vocal lines. Women of all ages will love this joyful Christmas selection.

What Child is This    arr. Miles Ramsay

SAATB    $2.35    CP 1372
(see the score while you listen) duration 3:20

Part of the  “A Cappella Christmas Cards” collection.


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