Male Choir 


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all titles for male choir are listed below - please click a title for more details

Chor Leoni


  1. A Kind Heart - by Matthew Emery  SATB and TTBB with piano - NEW

  2. All the Diamonds - Bruce Cockburn, arr. Larry Nickel, SATB or TBB - & piano

  3. Ave Maris Stella CP 1007  arr. Diane Loomer    TTBB 

  4. Away from the Roll of the Sea -    MacGillivray/Loomer - TTBB, SSAA with piano

  5. Canadian Pacific -   CP 1280  by Ray Griff, arr. L. Nickel - SATB, TTBB with piano

  6. Candles are Dancing -  Penny Blake & Harris Loewen - SATB, SSA SA and TBB with piano

  7. Chi Mi Na Mórbheanna -   arr. Stephen Smith    TTBB and SATB

  8. Christmas Angel -    by Corlynn Hanney    TTBB, SSAA, SAB, SATB

  9. Cutty Wren, The -  CP 1073  arr. Ken Cormier    TTBB with piano

  10. Farewell to Tarwathie -  arr. Mark Sirett  SATB, SSA, TBB - with piano

  11. Fogarty's Cove -   by Stan Rogers    arr. Ron Smail    TTBB, SATB

  12. Four Strong Winds -  by Ian Tyson  arr. L. Nickel    SATB, TTBB, SSAA with piano

  13. Frobisher Bay -  CP 1115  arr. Diane Loomer    TTBB

  14. Gift, the - CP 1247 by Russell Wallace - SATB, TBB a cappella

  15. Goin' Home -  CP 1055  arr. Diane Loomer    TTBB

  16. Guitarra -  CP 1069  arr. Stephen Smith    TTBB

  17. Here and Gone - by Stephen Hatfield  TTBB and SATB a cappella  - NEW

  18. Hockey Song   - arr. Larry Nickel  -  SATB, SSA, TTBB & piano

  19. Hunker Down -  by Tobin Stokes   SATB, TTBB a cappella

  20. Huron Carol -    arr. Andy Hillhouse    TTBB, SAB    with piano or band

  21. I Dreamed of Rain - by Jan Garrett, arr. Larry Nickel TTBB, SATB, SSA & piano

  22. Jing-ga-lye-ya -   by Bruce Sled    TTBB, SATB  

  23. Kettle Valley Railway -  Baker/Nickel  SAB, TTBB ,SATB & piano

  24. A Kind Heart - by Matthew Emery  SATB and TTBB with piano - NEW

  25. La-ba-lin-da -    by Bruce Sled     TTBB, SATB  

  26. Loch Lomond -    arr. Jonathan Quick    TTBB, SATB

  27. Log Drivers' Waltz - by Wade Hemsworth - arr. R. Smail - SSA, SAB, SATB, TTBB - NEW

  28. Lord, Help Us Live in Peace - J.D. Martin, arr. L. Nickel - SATB or TTBB a cappella

  29. Lord is My Shepherd, The  CP 1181 by Sid Robinovitch, various, piano or cappella

  30. Magnificat -  CP 1074  by Healey Willan    TTBB

  31. Maple Leaf Forever, The -  CP   arr. Ron Smail    TTBB, SATB

  32. Missa Brevis for Three Voices -   by Stephanie Martin  SAB, SSA, TBB

  33. Mornin’ Train -  CP 1444  arr. L. Nickel    TTBB, SATB a cappella - NEW

  34. My Prime of Youth -  CP 1505  TTB a cappella - by Rodney Sharman - NEW

  35. O Canada -    by Calixa Lavallée    arr. Diane Loomer    SSAA, TTBB, SATB  

  36. Old Lady Rose CP 1124  by David  Baker    arr. Larry Nickel    TTBB, SATB with piano  

  37. Our Song Shall Rise to Thee - arr. Larry Nickel, SATB & TTBB

  38. Pierless Bridge, the - by Mark Sirett, SATB, TTBB and SSA with piano - NEW

  39. Psalm 23CP 1181 by Sid Robinovitch, various voicings (TTBB), with keyboard or cappella

  40. Red River Valley -  CP 1063  arr. Miles Ramsay    TTBB with piano & treble instr.

  41. Royal Hudson -  David  Baker    arr. Larry Nickel   SATB, TBB, SSA (& piano

  42. Sarah -  arr. Jonathan Quick    TTB, SATB

  43. Silent Night -   arr. Miles Ramsay    TTBB, SATB

  44. Simba Samba -    by Bruce Sled    TTBB, SATB

  45. Skye Boat Song CP 1175 - arr. by Stephen Smith  SATB or TTBB with piano 

  46. Soldiers Cry -   arr. T. Worthington TTBB or SATB a cappella

  47. Song for Peace   by MacGillivray/Loomer    SA, TTB, SAB, SATB with piano

  48. Storm is Passing Over, the -    arr. Larry Nickel  SATB, TTBB or SSA & piano  

  49. Springtime in Alberta - by Ian Tyson, arr. L. Nickel, SATB or TTBB & piano

  50. There’s a Meetin’ Here Tonight - arr. Ron Smail SATB, TTBB with piano 

  51. This Could Be the Day by Alan Moberg, arr. L. Nickel - SATB, TTBB with piano

  52. This is My Home -  by Bob Buckley, SATB, SAB, SSA, TBB & piano

  53. This Land Is What I Am - by D. Baker, arr. L. Nickel - SATB. TTBB with piano  

  54. Ubi Caritas -  CP 1036  by Ramona Leungen    TTBB

  55. Virgin Mary Had a Baby Boy -  CP 1265  by James Fankhauser    TTBB  a cappella

  56. Watching the Apples Grow -   arr. Ron Smail, SATB, TTBB  opt. instruments

  57. Water is Wide -  CP 1027  arr. Miles Ramsey    TTBB with piano

  58. We Rise Again -    arr. Stephen Smith    SSAA, SATB & TTBB with piano

  59. We Shall Remember - CP 1568 by Mishaal Surti, SATB, TTBB a cappella  - NEW

  60. What Child Is This? -    arr. Jonathan Quick    TTBB, SATB with piano  

  61. When Dawn Shines -  CP 1299  Mishaal Surti,  TTBB a cappella

  62. Williams Lake Stampede -  by Alan Moberg, arr. L. Nickel, SATB, TTBB with piano

  63. Yuletide Fires -  by Diane Loomer    TTBB, SATB a cappella