David MacIntyre


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Ave Maria    by David MacIntyre 
(see the score while you listen)  duration - 3:00

SSSAAA  a cappella  $2.50    CP 1024

Written for Elektra Women’s Choir, this piece is now heard around the world. Using only the words Ave Maria this rhythmic and visionary work is suitable for women’s or very advanced children’s choir.

Alleluia    by David MacIntyre
   duration - 3:20

SSSAA  a cappella    $2.50    CP 1188

Alleluia is the long-awaited sister work to David MacIntyre’s Ave Maria* (1994) which has enjoyed continuous and regular performances around the world by fine women’s choirs – and some extraordinary children’s choirs, too. Like its sister work, Alleluia dances over compelling harmonies, undulating phrases, and syncopated rhythms. Alleluia, a word that has captured humanity’s imagination for millennia, is at the centre of this celebratory meditation on joy.

In Flanders Fields    by David MacIntyre 
   duration - 3:50

SATB  a cappella    $2.35    CP 1198    watch the video

TTBB a cappella     $2.35    CP 1220

The quintessential Remembrance Day poem is set beautifully By David. “In Flanders Fields the poppies grow between the crosses, row on row”.


Canadian composer David Keith MacIntyre was born in Yorkton, Saskatchewan in 1952. He studied music composition with Murray Adaskin at the University of Saskatchewan and Rudolf Komorous at the University of Victoria. In 1979, he was appointed to the faculty of Simon Fraser University where co-founded the program in contemporary music.

He is currently Professor of Music at SFU where he teaches music composition and collaboration for artists in music, dance, theatre, film and visual art. His catalogue features over 90 compositions including works for dance, theatre, opera, instrumental and choral ensembles. He has been commissioned and performed by Vancouver Opera, CBC Radio Orchestra, Purcell String Quartet, Standing Wave, Elektra Women's Choir, Vancouver New Music, First New York International Festival of the Arts, New Music America, Le Groupe de la Place Royale, Vancouver Chamber Choir, Chor Leoni Men's Choir, Fondation Jean Pierre Perreault, Rumble Productions, Vancouver Playhouse, Karen Jamieson Dance, Lola Dance and The Arts Club Theatre. He is a member of the Canadian Music Centre and the Canadian League of Composers. He lives in Vancouver, Canada.