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Diane Loomer, C.M. recipient of the Order of Canada, director and founder of Chor Leoni Men's Choir, co-founder and conductor emerita of Elektra Women's Choir, and most recently founder and conductor of EnChor, was internationally recognized as one of Canada's leading musicians. Her choral compositions were published and recorded internationally, and she frequently appeared on CBC national radio as a spokesperson for the classical arts. She taught on the Music Faculty of the University of British Columbia. The first woman to conduct the National Youth Choir of Canada, Ms. Loomer received the Healey Willan Award in 1990 for her service to choral music in British Columbia; in 1994, she was named YWCA Vancouver’s Woman of Distinction for Arts and Culture; and in 1997 and 2004 received Distinguished Alumni Awards honoring her achievements. In 2002, she was awarded the Queen’s Golden Jubilee Medal for her significant contribution to Canada’s culture.

Ave Maris Stella    by Diane Loomer 
TTBB    $2.25    CP 1007 
(see the score while you listen)  duration - 4:00

SATB    $2.25    CP 1218

SSAA    $2.25    available upon request

Presented by many choirs since its publication, the is a favorite Nova Scotia Latin canticle with a simple harmonic arrangement.

Away from the Roll of the Sea    by Allister MacGillivray   arr. Diane Loomer 

TTBB with piano    $2.35    CP 1028 
(see the score while you listen)  duration - 4:00
SSAA with piano    $2.35    CP 1001 
(see the score while you listen)  duration - 4:00

SAB with piano    $2.35    CP 1087

SATB with piano    $2.35    CP 1528

One of Allister MacGillivray’s and Canada’s favorite folk songs originally arranged for the Elektra Women’s Choir by Diane Loomer  our all time best seller! Harmonies are straight forward and the poetry is quintessential MacGillivray.

Behold Emmanuel   by Diane Loomer

SATB    $2.35    CP 1002
(see the score while you listen)  duration - 5:10

This arrangement based on "O Come, O Come Emmanuel" trades the familiar theme among all four voices, with each part taking its turn accompanying, yet it easily maintains the stylistic integrity of that beloved melody.

Blind Man    arr. Diane Loomer

SATB    $2.35    CP 1003  -
(see the score while you listen)  duration - 3:00

Sonorous, intense a cappella interpretation of this moving spiritual. It contains brief solos for baritone and treble voices who understand this genre.

Frobisher Bay  - James Gordon  arr. Diane Loomer 

TTBB    $2.35    CP 1115 
(see the score while you listen)  duration - 6:20

SATB    $2.35    CP 1319

One of the very few folk songs from Canada's frozen North. It's the tale of the captain of a whaling ship who decides to push the late summer season to catch "one more whale", but finds himself and his crew frozen in for the winter. Diane's arrangement captures the mood of sailors who won't see their home and families for another nine months, if at all.

Goin' Home    arr. Diane Loomer

TTBB    $2.35    CP 1055 
(see the score while you listen)  duration - 5:45

SATB    $2.35    CP 1255

Loomer’s arrangement of the folksong/principal theme from Dvořák's New World Symphony New World Symphony with baritone solo was written for Chor Leoni and calls for low D flats from the basses. You do have our permission to change keys.

Here’s to Song - by Allister McGillivray arr. Diane Loomer

SSAA with piano    $2.35    CP 1148 
(see the score while you listen)  duration - 4:30

Here's to song, here's to time;

Here's to both with friends of mine;

Here's to friends who raise their voices high.

Kings have riches widely lain,

Lords have land, but then again,

We have friends and song no wealth can buy.

I Saw Three Ships    arr. Diane Loomer
SATB    $2.35    CP 1005  - view the score

Loomer has solved the multiple-verse dilemma of this well-known Christmas carol by sailing the choir though the circle of fifths. Challenging but fun (and educational)!

Let Me Fish Off Cape St Mary's    arr. Diane Loomer 

SA    $2.25    CP 1039  - 
(see the score while you listen)

This familiar Newfoundland folk song is set for unison treble voices with optional divisi and suggested colour accompaniment. Most appropriate for children’s choir but might also be a simple read and song for women.

Naramata Alleluia    by Diane Loomer
SATB with piano    $2.50    CP 1013  - view the score

Written for the Naramata Church Camp and based on Old One Hundred, this was specifically written to be used by SATB choir, youth/children’s choir, handbells, piano and/or organ or any combination!

O Canada    by Calixa Lavallée    arr. Diane Loomer 

SSAA    $2.25    CP 1044  -
(see the score while you listen)  duration - 1:15

TTBB    $2.25    CP 1043

SATB    $2.25    CP 1042

Four part a cappella setting of Canada’s national anthem with both French and English versions included.

Song for Peace    by Allister MacGillivray    arr. Diane Loomer 

SATB with piano        $2.35    CP 1016 
(see the score while you listen)  duration - 3:15

SA with piano        $2.35    CP 1017

TTB with piano        $2.35    CP 1019

SAB with piano         $2.35    CP 1018

One of Allister’s most popular folk tunes originally written for solo voice — arranged for solo and choir. The tune has the typical MacGillivray lilt and the harmony is correspondingly uncomplicated.

When the Tide Goes Out   by Brian Robertson  arr. Diane Loomer and Amy Stephen 

SA with piano    $2.35    CP 1104  - view the score

Diane Loomer and Amy Stephen have come up with a delightful arrangement of Brian Robertson's great song. Your young choir will love singing about a feast on the beach, and about being "prepared to shuck the oyster, the clam, or the geoduck". The "ughh" factor may add to the fun! Quite substantial solo work.

Yuletide Fires    by Diane Loomer

TTBB    a cappella    $2.25    CP 1084 
(see the score while you listen)    

SATB    a cappella    $2.25    CP 1119

One of Chor Leoni’s favourite modern Christmas carols, this song is as warm and glowing as a glass of mulled wine.


The following year, Ms. Loomer was appointed by the University of Victoria to the University Women’s Scholar Lecture Series and in 2005 was appointed conductor emerita at Dalhousie University. In 2008 she was named a Paul Harris Fellow to the International Rotary Foundation for her tangible and significant assistance for furthering better understanding among peoples of the world, and in 2010 the Association of Canadian Choral Communities presented Diane with their Distinguished Service Award in recognition of her work promoting choral music in Canada. In 2011 Diane was the recipient of an honorary Doctorate of Letters degree from the University of British Columbia. She was the recipient of the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal and received an honorary Doctorate of Fine Arts from Gustavus Adolphus College in May 2012.

Diane passed away December 10, 2012.
To view the program of her Celebration of Life please click here. CBC's Sheryl McKay talked to CBC music producer Grant Rowledge about the celebration on North By Northwest and you can listen to the interview here.

After Diane’s passing, her husband selected 15 of Diane’s favourite folksong arrangements.  To see the list, click here.