Kenley Kristofferson


Kenley Kristofferson is a music teacher, composer and writer living in

Winnipeg, MB, Canada. He grew up in the beach town of Gimli, MB, where he played in his high school wind band and jazz bands. After high school, he attended the University of Manitoba and graduated with Bachelor degrees in both Music and Education in 2007. While scoring a few independent video games and hosting a podcast on the in‐depth study of game music, he currently teaches Band, Jazz and Music History at Lord Selkirk Regional Comprehensive Secondary School in Selkirk, Manitoba.

We Are Stars    by Kenley Kristofferson

SSATBB        with piano   $2.35    CP 1208
(see the score while you listen)  duration - 3:50

An avid Carl Sagan fan, Kenley has created this powerful work for good choirs.

“This choral anthem is wrapped in warmth, thick harmonies and lyrical melodies as it manifests

the connectedness of life, the Earth and the stars through a united chemistry.

Most stars are made of the three lightest elements in the universe: Hydrogen, Helium and

Lithium. Upon their death, some smaller stars simply burn out and fade away, but the elder and

more massive stars do something entirely different. These cosmic titans cave into their core,

creating enormous heat, light and energy not seen since the Big Bang almost fourteen billion

years ago.

But, as these stars collapse, the new heat and density enables their lighter elements to be forged

into larger, heavier and stronger ones like Nitrogen, Carbon, Oxygen, Iron and so forth. This

process is call nuclear fusion and, in short, it fills the universe with a veritable something rather

than nothing.

As this fertile star gives way, it gets heavier and denser until it compresses to a point where it can

be compressed no further and is brimming with energy. Unable to sustain that form, it explodes

through space and seeds the universe with heavy elements. These elements go on to attract to

one another through space and gravity to form asteroids, planetoids and sometimes planets.

Earth is one of these planets. From the calcium in our bones to cobalt in our mountains, all things

are connected through a common solar origin. The stellar nursery in the night sky reminds us

that all stars, all flowers, all mountains and all life are all just threads in a cosmic tapestry – each

thread is important in itself, but when woven together, the picture is not only more clear, but also

more beautiful.”  Kenley