Jeff Enns


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Jeff Enns is a native of Waterloo Ontario where he grew up surrounded by music. He studied organ, viola and composition at Wilfrid Laurier University. He has won a number of composition competitions and had his music performed across North America, as well Ireland, the U.K and Japan. He has received many commissions from various choral groups such as Conrad Grebel College, St. Mary's RC Church Kitchener, Menno Singers, Inter-Mennonite Children's Choir and was the composer in residence for the Canadian Chamber Choir this past year. He is presently music director of St. James Lutheran church in Elmira ON where he lives with his family and is a stay at home father of 2. Jeff also teaches violin at the Beckett School in Kitchener.  visit

Da Pacem    by Jeff Enns

SSAA    $2.35    CP 1151 
(see the score while you listen)  duration - 4:05

A serene setting of the text, “Da pacem, Domine, in diebus nostris”. (Give us peace, Lord, in all our days)  Da Pacem was presented at PODIUM 2010 by Elektra Women’s Choir.

Gloria - the Cantata    by Jeff Enns - with piano and/or organ and/or strings

SATB choral score with piano  $12.00    CP 1470 
(see the score while you listen)  duration - 15:10

8 movements - 22 minutes in duration. Like the Vivaldi “Gloria” in structure, Jeff’s “Gloria” is perfectly suited for church programs and for the concert stage. Jeff is a fine violinist and he really knows how to write for strings. Six movements are offered as stand-alone works. Please listen to a quality recording and view the score.

      Gloria - Full Conductor’s Score - (voices, strings, organ) - $20

      Gloria - instrumental parts - $5 each.   (Violin 1, Violin 2, Viola, Cello, Double Bass)

      (Two organ options: Organ ! - supplements the string parts, Organ II - for performance without strings)

Infant Holy, Infant Lowly    by Jeff Enns

SSAA    $2.35    CP 1380 
(see the score while you listen)  duration - 2:45

A new setting of the timeless lyrics. Listen to an exquisite rendition of this piece by the Elektra Women’s Choir while you study the score.

Litany    by Jeff Enns

SATB    $2.25    CP 1177 
(see the score while you listen)  duration - 2:45

Rich harmonic sonorities permeate this piece - painting the poem by Phineas Fletcher (1582–1650).  The music  - with intuitive voice leading - is approachable for most mixed choirs.  Very fine groups have already performed Litany - including DaCapo Chamber Choir and the Canadian Chamber Choir. Appropriate for the church or the concert stage.

She’s Like the Swallow    arr. Jeff Enns  

SATB with divisi    $2.35    CP 1276 
(see the score while you listen)  duration - 3:50

This timeless Canadian folk song is arranged for advanced choirs.  Full lush chords bring the text to life.

This composition was chosen to be the first entry into the Canadian Chamber Choir Series.

Song of the Land    arr. Jeff Enns  

SATB with piano    $2.35    CP 1411 
(see the score while you listen)  duration - 4:45

Several song writers created this wonderful song: Brown, Emerson and Morrison.  Susan Aglukark brought it all to life and popularity with her spirited recording.  Now Jeff has created a setting that will be meaningful and great fun for any choir.