Timothy Corlis


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Timothy Corlis brings an eclectic background of experience and interests to his compositions. He has degrees in anthropology and physics and in social and political thought as well as an M.Mus in composition. His earliest musical roots were as part of the Anglican choral tradition in Toronto and later in the lively choral community of Waterloo (Ontario) and its surroundings. This has instilled in him a continuing sense of music as a communal activity. He also views music as a strong power for social change. Corlis’ music has been performed across Canada to critical acclaim – in 2009 he was nominated for a Juno award; he has been described in the media as “a composer of great depth and passion, not to mention a pristine polished craft” (WholeNote, Toronto). Reviewers have described his music as “atmospherically striking”, “artistically engaging and emotionally moving”, and “superb . . . bursting with vigor and truth.”

What others say about the composer:

"Timothy Corlis is a composer of great depth and passion, not to mention a pristine polished craft."- John S. Gray, WholeNote Magazine (Toronto) reviewing Corlis' Notes Towards a Poem That Can Never Be Written

"Timothy Corlis' Raven and the First Men honours Bill Reid's sculpture of the same title . . . Standing ovation for this work commissioned by the WMCT."- Stanley Fefferman, Showtime Magazine (Toronto) 

Missa Pax   by Timothy Corlis

SATB with piano and clarinet   $15.00    CP 1185  -  
(listen to the entire mass)

Scores for piano and conductor - hard cover - ring bound  $20.00. (larger notes for the piano)

Clarinet part - $5.00

Please note - Missa Pax scores are available directly from Cypress (not through dealers)

This Mass is a major work, Dr. Corlis’s thesis and Magnum Opus - approximately half an hour in length.

The audience reaction was instantaneous. Leaping to their feet -- the collective excitement communicated something extraordinary -- a very special moment with a very special piece..."(Steven Preece, Reviewing Missa Pax, Elora Festival Singers, Kitchener-Waterloo Record, July 17, 2009.)

". . . not afraid of melodic beauty rendered over a natural sense of progression. Just when you think he might veer towards schmaltz, however, he takes the harmony on an unexpected turn, teasing the ear and extending the tension. This gives the composer's work a wonderful sense of accessibility, while also being challenging and maintaining interest. There is also an unabashed feeling of emotional authenticity that proves irresistible to the listener."  - Steven Preece, The Record (Kitchener-Waterloo) reviewing Corlis' Missa Pax

Gloria   (from Missa Pax)  by Tim Corlis

SATB    $2.75    CP 1176   
(see the score while you listen)  duration - 6:50

Gloria is one of the movements in Corlis’s Missa Pax.  Please read a review of this wonderful composition:

The Gloria felt like the heart of the work -- a wonderful tapestry of colors and textures. At one point, it was scattered vocal staccatos, jostling around a tonal centre; and another, it was a wonderfully-sustained alto, supporting undulating soprano. The progression from the simmering laudamus te up to a super-charged fortissimo gloria in excelsis deo was a fantastically-cathartic moment of celebration, featuring stratospheric Sopranos, unflinchingly launching heavenward.

clarinet part available upon request

Benedictus   (from Missa Pax)  by Tim Corlis

SATB    $2.25    CP 1163   
(see the score while you listen)  duration - 6:50

This beautiful movement from Corlis’s “Missa Pax”  is approachable for most choirs with undulating counterpoint in sweet spot registers.

clarinet part available upon request

Kyrie   (from Missa Pax)  by Tim Corlis

SATB    $2.50    CP 1399   

Kyrie is one of the movements in Corlis’s Missa Pax.  It is hauntingly beautiful.

clarinet part available upon request

Sanctus and Hosanna (from Missa Pax)   by Timothy Corlis

SATB    a cappella    $2.75   -  
(see the score while you listen) 

This part of the Missa Pax sparkles with dancing counterpoint.  The Hosanna is powerful and jubilant.

clarinet part available upon request

Sonnez les Cloches (Frères Jacques)   arr. by Timothy Corlis

SATB - a cappella    $2.35    CP 1277   
(see the score while you listen)  duration - 2:15

SSAA - a cappella    $2.35    CP 1716

Never has this simple delightful folk song received such sophisticated treatment. It would be impossible to sleep through this one!

Sonnez les Cloches is a fun twist on the children's song Frère Jacques. The choir begins with the familiar nursery rhyme and then sounds the bells of Matins with an extended bell ringing session on the words "din dan don!" The piece was commission by the Vancouver Chamber Choir and is dedicated to Michiko Asami, the Canada Friendship Association and the people of Shunan in grateful memory of the choir's collaboration during their tour of Japan in the autumn of 2009.