If you are a Canadian choral composer or arranger, and would like Cypress to consider your music for publication, please email us a copy via PDF file and an MP3 to match the score. (no hard copies, please; we do not return hard copies).

Decisions for publishing are based on the quality of the work and its marketability.  You may send up to three representative titles. Please be sure your music is legible - preferably generated with notation software like Sibelius or Finale. Multiple a cappella choral staves (e.g. SATB) should have a piano reduction. You should also include an MP3 of your music; a quality choral performance. These days it’s nearly impossible to sell choral music without demo recordings. It would also be wise to scan through our catalogue to see if your text has already been covered by Cypress composers - and then offer something fresh. 

Please note: one should not send the same score to two or more publishers at the same time.

Improve your chances when submitting music to Cypress for publishingclick here for tips.


for quick response - email Dr. Larry Nickel

Dr. Larry Nickel - CEO and editor